About Us

Owner and lead stylist since 1999:  Adhiya Kaajal Haffajee  (Qualified Beauty Therapist /Make – up Artists)

All bridal services rendered are done in the comfort of the client’s place.

All our prices are including travelling costs (Additional cost for out of Durban)

Services we offer:

Bridal Dressing, Hair styles, Make up, Garlands, Bridal Bouquets, Bridal Mehndi, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Bridal Shower Cakes, Baby Shower Cakes, Cupcakes in a box (Novelty).


What do I need for the hair trial?

Pictures! Keep any cut outs of hair styles you like. If you plan to wear a veil, tiara etc, these are great items to bring with you to the trial if you have them. The more you bring the better idea you give me on the type of wedding and the look you want. For all up do’s please wash your hair a day before the trial and turn up to the trial with dry hair ready to be styled. PLEASE do not use straightner’s on your hair on the day of the trial.

When should I book my hair trial?

There is no set rule with regards to when you book a trial. Some people know way in advance what style they want and their current hair style requires no changes to achieve this, if this is the case then anything from 6 months before the wedding would be fine. Most trials I do tend to be about 3 months before the wedding day as a rule but feel free to book in anytime you like.

The importance of a hair & make-up trial?

On movie sets it is called a screen test, an actor never goes on the big screen without trying different makeup looks for that character…same thing in the wedding world, it is called a “trial run”, both are extremely important when it comes to you looking your very best as you star in the biggest production of your life…your wedding day!

How you wear your hair & what makeup you use are two important factors to creating the perfect look on your wedding day. That’s why it is so important to have a hair and makeup trial before your big day.

“You still want to look like yourself” – just the best version you can possibly be. It’s important to let the experts advise on the right makeup and, more importantly, application techniques that will ensure your makeup looks fresh all-day long.”

Remember, the best wedding makeup is fresh and natural, and simply enhances your features. Listen to your stylist’s advice, as she may be able to suggest a wedding hairstyle that works better with your hair type. Please set aside an hour and a half for your trial. Try to co-ordinate you hair trial on the same day as your makeup trial.

The TRIAL is done in the comfort of your home….We come to you!!!!!!!!!

Why you need a specialist in Bridal Hair and Make up?

As you approach your wedding day (the biggest day of your life), you realize that all eyes will be on you and it will probably be the most wonderful day of your entire life. It is no wonder that you would want to look your absolute best if you are planning the wedding of your dreams. It is for that reason that your hair and makeup have to be done professionally. Bridal hair and makeup has become a specialized field and women deserve a more professional service, a very high standard and ensures that their special day runs smoothly. This will all add to the whole experience, making it a more enjoyable day to remember. A bridal specialists will try out different eye make-up, foundation colour, different styles in draping your outfit etc. A professional bridal specialist will open a make-up chart and do a mapping of all colours that was used, so we don’t forget anything. This chart is given to the bride for approval.

What qualification does the stylist have?

I have achieved an International recognised Diploma in the year 2000 through International Health & Beauty College. With my vast experience & knowledge I am able to apply my theory to practical and make every bride happy on their wedding day.